Why your data in Willow might be different

Your analytics in Willow might be different than the analytics provided on each individual social media platform. Find out why.

Willow Analytics

The data in your Willow Analytics tab is always up to date and has been collected from the different channels that are added to your account. However, it's not impossible to have a slight difference in data, for example your total amount of followers might not be up to date in Willow yet.

However, this should only be a temporary difference, once you come back to Willow after a few hours, the data will have been updated again.

Likes and comments on Willow vs on your own channels

Likes and comment counts of Facebook posts might be different on our analytics than they appear on Facebook for some posts. The reason for that is that Facebook counts the reactions and comments across all shares of a post. So if you post something but has no likes and its shared 5 times with people liking every share once, then our analytics will show that the post has 5 likes because that is the information Facebook returns to us. The same happens to comments and other metrics.

Impressions on LinkedIn

Impression data for personal posts on LinkedIn will differ because we are unable to obtain this information from the platform. This is a limitation of their API and LinkedIn has stated they have no immediate plans to open this data to public access. 

Any posts made via a personal account (i.e. not a page), will show engagement data like likes and comments but no impression data.