Using Keyword Monitor Filters & Conditions

Keyword Monitor filters and conditions can be very powerful. To fully understand the potential we will need to understand two concepts. Filters and conditions. Let’s start with the first one.


Keyword Monitor - Filters Dropdown

There are four different filters.

  • Article filter: search for keyword(s) in an entire text of an article.

  • Text filter: search for keyword(s) in a title of an article.

  • Language filter: search for English and/or Dutch articles (only available when you’re using another filter).

  • Website filter: search for a specific websites or keyword(s) on a specific website.

⚠️ Note: Some websites will not work with this filter. The website has to appear on Google News, be part of the Willow Verified Sources or been added by you (RSS).

Conditions (OR, AND & NOT)

There are three different type of conditions: OR, AND & NOT. The example below consists of three condition groups:

  • Within a condition group the OR condition applies.
  • Between the condition groups the AND or NOT condition applies.

Keyword Monitor - Example

In this example we’re looking for:

  • Articles that include the words “remote work” OR “working from home” OR “hybrid work”
  • Articles that include one of the words above AND include the word “burnout”
  • Articles that are NOT from the website