Keyword Monitor: Tips for Pros

Tip 1: Exact and Partial Matches

When entering your keywords you have the option to find an exact match or a partial match. Standard Willow will always look for exact matches. When you add an asterisk (*) behind or in front of a word Willow will be looking for partial matches.

Here’s a good example:

Exact Match for Remote Work

Remote Work ✓

Remote Workers ✗

Remote Working ✗

Partial Match for Remote Work*  (note the asterisk at the end)

Remote Work ✓

Remote Workers ✓

Remote Working ✓

Tip 2: Use synonyms of the same word

If you want more and better results try to come up with synonyms. For example you would like to find articles about remote work. Try to add synonyms or related words in order to find more articles.

Keyword Monitor - Synonyms