How does the search function work?

Find content using our search functionality.

This article covers how you can find content using our search function. This is a great way to discover more content based on your personal preferences.

To get started:

1. Select the News tab and then click in the search bar where it reads Search an article. (you can find this at the top right corner)

2. Type your desired keyword, in this example we will use "technology".

3. Under "Quick links", you will be able to find some AI curated topics that are related to your keyword, in this case technology.

4. If you only want to see content related to your Keyword search, click on: Search for "technology".

5. Now you will only see a list with technology-related articles and you can schedule them immediately into your calendar or post them immediately.

6. You are able to filter the articles by language: Dutch or English and filter by topic as well.


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