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How do we calculate the best time to schedule a task?

Find out how we determine the best time to schedule a task and how it is indicated in Willow.

Best Time for Posting

When creating a new task in your social media calendar, you will be prompted to choose a date and time for the recurring or one-off task. When scheduling, feel free to pick a specific date and time to publish your post or recurring task. If you'd prefer not to stress or think about when to post something, let us take care of the worry! Once you've chosen When the task will occur, select the drop down next to Time. Here you'll find many different time frames throughout the day ranked with ⭐'s. The more ⭐'s you see next to a time frame, the better that time is for post performance.


How do we determine when the best time to post is? We've taken care of all the research for you. Using multiple different sources, we've combined our findings on optimal posting times and aggregated everything in Willow. We also take into consideration which platforms you have connected.


Once you choose a timeslot, we'll pick a random time within your preferred slot to optimize reach. This will help to diversify your content calendar and avoid the mistake of appearing



If you have a specific time that the task needs to be published, then select + Add custom time.

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