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Add relevant hashtags to Willow

Hashtags help increase your visibility on social media. And they help the right people see your posts.

That's why Willow makes it easy to add the most relevant hashtags to every post.

How to add hashtags to Willow

To add hashtags to Willow click on the profile picture on the top right > Hashtags.


Before adding a hashtag, do your research.

1. Is it relevant to your business?

2. Do enough people follow that hashtag on social media?

Here's a complete guide on how to find the right hashtags to include in your posts, and how many hashtags to include in your post on every social media post.

How to include hashtags in your post

Once you've added your hashtags in Willow, every time you create a post in Willow, you can click on # to see a list of your hashtags and add the relevant ones to your post.

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