Create & scheduling posts

How to schedule posts in Willow

We recommend you to schedule your posts in advance on all platforms to save time and focus on more pressing tasks.

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Your monthly posting schedule

Creating a post

Scheduling an article

Auto-scheduling vs Picking a date & time

Your monthly posting schedule

To make things easier, we have already created a schedule for you with the best posting times every week. Learn about Adding Slots here.

month schedule


Creating a post

You can create a new post from anywhere in the Willow platform with the button on the top-right.

If you want to create a post on a certain day

- Go to Schedule - Day view, pick a date in the future that has an empty slot (denoted by a grey dot in the calendar) and click + Add content


- Go to your Schedule - Week view and click + Create post on an empty slot.


create post

Schedule an article

You can also go to Content, hover over an article you like, and click Schedule to create a post from it.schedule content

Auto-scheduling vs Picking a date & time

To schedule your content to the next available slot, choose Schedule automatically. This ensures that your content is posted at the best times.

For Events & Special Days eg. Christmas, you can also choose a particular moment to schedule your post at by choosing Pick a date & time.

Remember, all the times are according to the timezone you selected. Learn more here