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Can I connect multiple Facebook Business Pages to my account?

Here's how to connect more than one Facebook Page to Willow.

I have a Personal Brand subscription

I have a Small Business subscription

I want to add team members to Willow

I'm a Personal Brand

If you have a "Willow Personal Brand" plan you can only connect the following channels.

  • 1 LinkedIn Company Page
  • 1 LinkedIn Personal Profile
  • 1 Twitter Profile
  • 1 Facebook Business Page
  • 1 Instagram Business Account

So as a personal brand, you are limited to connecting 5 channels to Willow.

I'm a Small Business

If you've subscribed to Willow's small business package, you can connect up to 20 channels to Willow.

How to add another Facebook Business Page to Willow?

If you want to connect multiple Facebook pages to Willow, here's how you can do it:

  1. Click on the 'Connect' button next to the Facebook page.

  2. Next up, you'll get to see a screen inside Facebook itself, where you'll have to click on 'Edit Settings'.Willow - Facebook Multiple - 1

  3. There you'll have to make sure that all the different Facebook pages are selected.

    Willow - Facebook Multiple - 2
  4. After that, you click 'next' so that another screen appears where you'll have to give Willow access (see screenshot). Make sure that you choose 'Yes' on both questions.

    Willow - Facebook Multiple - 3
  5. Then you'll be led back to Willow, where you'll have to select the right Facebook pages you'd like to connect to Willow (see screenshot).

    Willow - Facebook Multiple - 4

How to add team members to your existing account!

If you just want to add your co-workers' and team members' Linkedin profiles to Willow, you don't need a separate account for that!

Here's how you can connect your team members' Linkedin profiles.