Analytics Overview

See how to navigate follower & engagement analytics in Willow

In your Willow Home's Analytics tab you can see a simple dashboard. It gives you an overview of your channels' performance and a breakdown by channel.

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Total audience & Total Engagement stats

Change reporting period

Breakdown per channel




The overview shows you your Total Audience and Total Engagements numbers for a given period.

Toggle between Audience & Engagement stats


To toggle between Audience and Engagement statistics, click on their respective numbers above the chart.

Change the reporting period


You can change the period to Last 7 daysLast month, or Last 3 months by clicking on the calendar in the top-right.

See analytics for 1 channel


You can also click on a social media icon at the top to see a Total Audience or Total Engagements graph just for that particular channel.

Scroll down to see a table with the complete breakdown of your statistics by channel.